Cow Parsley

My latest roadside obsession is all the lovely cow parsley and wild carrot. I can’t tell you the difference between the two, or how come so many different plants seem to be part of the same family, but it’s everywhere right now. There are some monster ones on a roundabout near me but, damn it, … Continue reading Cow Parsley


I love that just when I’m getting bored, a new obsession comes along… Blossom, budding leaves, magnolia, peonies and now….poppies! They’re growing wild in the most outrageous colours. Ridiculously fragile so I can’t bring myself to pick them.   Continue reading Next!

pretty purple

I always think of purple as the colour for my oldest friend Sal. These flowers were for a party to celebrate some auspicious numbers: Ten years of marriage One hundred years combined age (Sal, her husband, their kids)   It was a lovely party. I thought the wicker baskets worked really well to transport the … Continue reading pretty purple


I once worked in a restaurant right on the beach and in the early morning or on rainy days, it was beautiful to watch the changing view. The colours, the light, the clouds. The rest of the time there wasn’t much standing around to be had. It was fun though. There are plenty of good … Continue reading Seascape

Leafy green

There is absolutely nothing better than sitting under a tree in dappled shade. I’m a red-headed Celtic type. I vastly prefer a wooded glade to scorched earth. This was heaven:  So I like to bring a bit of nature home… These beech branches are gorgeous, especially with the light shining through them. It was the … Continue reading Leafy green