[Drop Time]

I’ve blogged about Azuma Makoto before (A boy from Cannes and a Japanese Genius in January last year) but this resonated with me today. I came to it via the Plinth et al. Facebook page – a clever and thought provoking art blog. These videos – his [Drop Time] series – show the decay of a bouquet of flowers and … Continue reading [Drop Time]

The opium of the florist

Earlier today I stood at my table in the studio listening to peaceful classical music and gently unpeeling these glorious poppies. I felt like I was in this: It was nice.   Also nice, I was featured in The Guardian this week. Oh yes…. Giving my tuppence worth about how provide special service through thoughtful … Continue reading The opium of the florist

Nature contained and arranged

Working on some botanical cabinets of curiosity for a flipping awesome forthcoming project… Gathering nautical nicknacks, model boats, bell jars, seed heads, interesting old books, metres of striped ticking runners, 3D cardboard letters and red spray paint. Watch this space! The scent of the paperwhite narcissus when I took off the bell jar – Bam! … Continue reading Nature contained and arranged

Time Out

One of my favourite creative collaborators is Nitty Gritty Liv. She runs a super cool events company and has a treatment room called Time Out Studio… We’ve worked really well together and I’m helping her with some *awesome* Nitty Gritty projects lined up for next year (argh, I want to tell you…) So anyway, Liv’s … Continue reading Time Out