Finding inspiration

The curly girl and I watched Coraline today, which I love, but what I love most is the ‘Making of…’ in the bonus features. The detail and work involved in hand-making every tiny thing is awe-inspiring. Check. It. Out. You can also see the hand knitting of a tiny star-covered jumper here. But the thing … Continue reading Finding inspiration

Shitloads of flowers

Yesterday I got to hang out with some seriously inspiring florists at a workshop run by the gorgeous Lotte and Bloom and Kat Flower from New York. There was food by the coolest project Gourmandizing London who hosted the workshop and for a minute there I felt like I was in bloody Brooklyn or something. Super cool … Continue reading Shitloads of flowers

Recently, in Autumn

What is not to like? Beautiful light, interesting seed heads, crazy colours, berries. The wild fennel smells amazing. Actually, it makes really nice tea. The flowers dried out beautifully. And rich pickings from the roadside scavenging…. The Japanese anemones and those fiery orange things came from the derelict office building (also my secret hydrangea source). … Continue reading Recently, in Autumn